Union Minister Kailash Choudhary on Sunday said that Congress has already accepted its defeat in the Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan, adding that the opposition is not visible anywhere in the state.
Kailash Choudhary said that people in Barmer have full faith in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and “BJP will register victory on all 25 Lok Sabha seats”.
“People have voted in favour of the BJP in phase 1 elections due to the good work done by Prime Minister Modi. People trust him. Congress has already accepted its defeat. They are not campaigning. Be it the betting market, talks in the public, or the surveys, everything is pointing towards BJP victory in Rajasthan. The opposition is not visible at all. When we go for the election campaign, no one is visible from the opposition there too,” Kailash Choudhary told ANI.
Highlighting some of the contributions in the Barmer constituency, Choudhary said that the works that were stopped under the previous Congress government will be implemented soon.
“I implemented various centre’s schemes in my area. Medical colleges were started, our area has various train routes, construction of railway stations is ongoing. Work on refinery projects is underway. Airport land has been allotted to my constituency and many highways were constructed also. Many works were stopped in the previous Congress government,” he said.
On Barmer constituency witnessing a triangular contest mainly among the BJP, Congress, and an independent candidate Ravindra Singh Bhati, Kailash Choudhary said that in this battle only Congress will suffer a dent on their vote bank.
“Here only Congress is losing its vote bank. Those who voted for BJP will again vote for BJP,” said Choudhary while adding that “Ravindra Singh Bhati) was never in the Bharatiya Janata Party,”

“His entire family has always been in Congress and is a Congressman. He had joined for the ticket for some 2-4 days,” he said.
Union Minister of State also mentioned that people in his constituency are eager to meet wrestler Dalip Singh Rana, popularly known as The Great Khali and it will help boost the morale of party workers in the area.
“Khali is my friend. He made his name all around the world. His followers are eager to meet him. Our workers will also be motivated,” Choudhary said.
On Congress leaders’ remarks about BJP contesting Lok Sabha polls in the name of Prime Minister Modi, Kailash Choudhary questioned why the opposition party is not contesting in the name of Rahul Gandhi.
“BJP has the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the functioning of the government, on the basis of which we are contesting this election. But Congress and opposition parties should answer why the people of the alliance of opposition parties are not contesting the elections in the name and face of Rahul Gandhi. Their leaders are hesitant in taking Rahul Gandhi’s name while campaigning,” he said.
Kailash Choudhary, the sitting MP from Barmer will face Congress candidate Ummeda Ram Beniwal and independent candidate Ravindra Singh Bhati.
Rajasthan will again go to the polls in the second phase of elections on April 26. Polling for 12 Lok Sabha seats concluded on April 19, while the remaining 13 seats will be polled in the second phase on April 26. The election for 543 Lok Sabha seats is being held in seven phases starting April 19. Nearly 97 crore voters are eligible to cast votes in the general election. The counting of the votes will be held on June 4. (ANI)