The cold wave has tightened its grip on Kashmir as Srinagar shivered at a bone-chilling temperature of minus 3.5 degrees Celsius on Friday morning.
The severe cold conditions persist, making life difficult, especially during the morning hours.
The freezing temperatures have caused discomfort and hardship, and there seems to be no relief in sight.
The harsh winter has disrupted daily life, and people are struggling to cope with the extreme cold. The fog has made visibility extremely poor on the roads.
The dense fog has created challenges for various businesses and services as they grapple with delays and disruptions in their operations.

The situation has become particularly difficult for drivers, as they have to be mindful of the hazardous conditions caused by the dense fog.
The famous Dal Lake is also covered with a layer of fog in the morning hours.
As per the Meteorological Centre Srinagar, the weather is expected to be generally cloudy on December 16.
Meanwhile, according to the Meteorological Centre Srinagar, there is a possibility of light snowfall over isolated higher regions in the North and Northeastern parts of Kashmir.
Overall, dry and cold weather conditions are most likely to persist until December 24.
The maximum temperature in Gulmarg was recorded at 5.6 degrees Celsius on Friday, with a mostly clear sky becoming partly cloudy towards the afternoon or evening. (ANI)