President of Israel Isaac Herzog on Tuesday met with members of the family of the late Lilach Kipnis, a member of Kibbutz Be’eri who was murdered at the age of 60 during the October 7 massacre, along with her husband Evyatar. Lilach had written a book about living near Gaza and was a trauma specialist and peace activist.
Seven of her relatives were taken to Gaza as hostages. Some of them were released in the last four days during the ceasefire.

Lilach wrote her book “On Scary Sounds” based on the shared experiences of the children from the Gaza area who she cared for when a social worker at the Resilience Center in the Eshkol Regional Council. These children suffered the constant threat of Hamas terrorism and the launching of rockets at their homes, forcing them into shelters frequently long before the October 7 attack.
“In an emotional and teary-eyed meeting with her children and family,” said Herzog, “I received her book, which these days is being reprinted by Be’ei press, with over 100,000 copies.”
“Lilach was an exemplary character, believing in people, pursuing peace and doing good,” he added. “The book ends with the following passage: ‘A day will come, I hope it comes soon, we will all lie down together and remember, a difficult time, now there is an end to routine’ – we will return to routine, and we will plant, build, restore and establish mezuzahs. We will forever remember Lilac and her huge heart.” (ANI/TPS)