All preparations are underway for the smooth conduct of polling for the Telangana State Assembly elections on November 30.

In Hanumakonda district, almost 2500 polling personnel have reported, the district collector Sikta Patnaik said.

“In this Hanumakonda district, the arrangement for two assembly constituencies have been made so almost 2500 polling personnel are reporting here today and all food facilities have been provided for them…,” she said.
Patnaik further said that at polling stations, there will be location officers to help them settle.
“From 7 am onwards tomorrow, voting will start,” she said.

Home voting facility for citizens aged over 80 years and persons with disabilities has been completed, with about 26,600 voters using the service. About 1,000 other voters have also registered for the Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System.
In view of the state election, all educational institutions in the Hyderabad district were closed on Wednesday and will remain closed on November 30.
Schools and colleges will reopen on December 1. The state is set to go to the polls on November 30.
The political parties which had been involved in a hectic campaign are now hoping that the people repose faith in them on Thursday.
BJP MP Arvind Dharmapuri who is the BRS Candidate from Korutla assembly seat says, “Come out in large numbers and vote…Celebrate this festival of democracy in large numbers.”
Congress leader Mallu Ravi says, ” The response from the Telangana people is also excellent… People decided to vote out the BRS government and bring the Congress government back to power. It is a ballot war on November 30. This ballot war is like Kurukshetra in Mahabharat. The war is between ‘Dharm’ and ‘Adharm’… Like this, only people will come out and elect the Congress government… About 85-95 seats will come… Six guarantees will be taken up immediately in the first cabinet meeting…”
Congress leader Mohammad Azharuddin says, “We have worked hard. I hope the turnout will be good and God-willing we will win…Very positive”
The state has witnessed a three-cornered contest between the ruling BRS, which is bidding to return to the hustings for a third straight term, the Congress, and a resurgent BJP.
In 2018, BRS (then Telangana Rashtra Samithi) won 88 of the 119 seats and had 47.4 per cent of the vote share. The Congress came a distant second with just 19 seats. (ANI)