Baloch leader and social activist Mahrang Baloch called upon the Pakistani administration for the ongoing Gwadar fencing project on Saturday, asserting that it is their strategy to force the Baloch community to vacate Gwadar so that the land can be handed over to China.
In a statement on X, the Baloch leader also announced organising a protest by the Baloch Yakjeht Committee (BYC) in Gwadar over the matter on Sunday.
In her post on X, she mentioned, “The colonial project of fencing of Gwadar is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which aims to evict the local population of Gwadar and hand over Gwadar to China. But we, the local population, will not hand over our land and sea to foreigners in any case, nor will we allow any such project to succeed. The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) is launching a resistance movement against the fencing of Gwadar, which is being launched in the form of a protest rally in Gwadar.”

In a previous statement, she said, “We will not remain silent in any case against the plan to fence Gwadar and hand it over to China in the name of development and security, but we will put up strong public resistance”.
Apart from Mahrang, another leader from Balochistan, Sammi Deen Baloch had raised the issue of enforced disappearances endured by the Baloch community for a long time.
In her statement, she said, “The demand for the recovery of the missing persons in Balochistan is gaining international support and attention. In retaliation, on one side, the Pakistani administration has started its campaign to justify the brutalities their representatives inflict upon us. And on the other hand, it is using its entire machinery to falsify and demean the entire issue of enforced disappearances.”
“In Balochistan, none of the abducted individuals are kidnapped from deserted locations. They are generally abducted from their own houses, offices, markets, and educational institutions. Most of the time, these individuals are abducted in front of their family members,” Mahrang Baloch also said.
“It happens rarely, but sometimes, some of these individuals are released. The majority of them are subjected to mental and physical torture. The families of many abductees are still protesting, and sometimes the lucky ones who return give statements of being captured and tortured in secret cells of the Army. The only question here is that, if all abducted Balochis are terrorists then who are the ones who the Army releases? And why does the media and administration don’t ask these people where were they? Does it not mean that these people have returned from jail cells?” she added. (ANI)