Israeli President Isaac Herzog called singer Eden Golan to congratulate her on placing fifth in the Eurovision Song Contest with her song, “Hurricane.”
“I want to thank you on behalf of all the people of Israel. You had such a moving performance. We were very excited when we saw you both in the semi-finals and yesterday. You brought us a lot of respect, a lot of courage and stood proudly against all the haters of Israel and all kinds of attackers and anti-Semites. It was not an easy national task and I thank you very much,” Herzog told Golan in a phone call has she was flying home from Malmo.

The 20-year-old singer told Herzog, “Thank you very much, thank you for the privilege, the privilege to represent our country at such a crazy time. Thank you for all the work you did, and for all the help to make this happen, I really, really appreciate it, it’s not taken for granted. It’s something I will never forget.”
Swiss rapper Nemo took first place.
Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrated against Israel’s participation in the competition. Golan and her entourage were instructed by Israeli security not to leave their hotel except for competition events. (ANI/TPS)