On the occasion of World Children’s Day, Israel shared pictures of children held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, stressing that there are more than 30 children, including babies and toddlers.
They further urged the international community to take action to bring them home.
“While your children are at school, there are currently more than 30 Israeli babies, toddlers and children being held hostage in Gaza by Hamas terrorists. On #WorldChildrensDay we demand action from the international community. BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME!,” Israel shared the post on X.

In another post, they shared the images of these children and emphasised that these children should be with their families and not in a dark room in Gaza.
“Look at each and every one of their faces. These are the babies, toddlers and children being held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. They should be with their families. Not in a dark room somewhere in Gaza. BRING THEM HOME!” the post said.

Further, Israel, on their official social media account on X, stressed that for 44 days, these children have been waiting to come home.
“For 44 days we have been waiting for our children to come home and we are still waiting. Every minute counts. BRING OUR CHILDREN BACK HOME NOW,” Israel stated on X.

According to the Times of Israel, some 40 children and babies are among the over 240 hostages taken hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza during their surprise terror attack on October 7.
On the first day, 3,000 terrorists broke through the border and murdered some 1,200 people, a majority of them civilians, amid brutal atrocities.
However, Israel later decided to eliminate the terror group and declared war.
In retaliation, the Israeli military killed over 13,000 people in Gaza, including thousands of children. Those figures cannot be independently verified, according to The Times of Israel.
Moreover, reportedly, a hostage also gave birth to a baby while being captivated in the Gaza Strip. (ANI)