Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on Monday inaugurated the e-Taxi scheme with the aim of making Himachal a green state.
Chief Minister Sukhu said that it is an initiative of the government towards making Himachal a green state.
The Himachal Government has started the initiative under the Rajiv Gandhi Employment Startup Scheme.
“The unemployed will be given the opportunity of self-employment through the scheme. Congress had given 10 guarantees before coming to power, out of which a startup scheme of Rs 680 crore was also included for the unemployed. Moving forward in this direction, the government has today launched the e-taxi scheme,” CM Sukhu said.
“Through this medium, electric taxi permits will be issued to the unemployed at 50 per cent subsidy and taxi services will be available in government departments so that the unemployed can take advantage of it and the youth can also contribute in making the climate of Himachal Pradesh pollution free,” he added.

He further stated that the unemployed will also be able to apply online on the website of the Transport Department and get the benefits of the scheme.
“Apart from this, in the next phase of start-up, the government is also going to come up with a scheme for the unemployed very soon regarding solar energy and the agriculture sector,” CM Sukhu said.
Sukhu said that the government will help install e-charging stations and such stations will be installed at 17 places in the state.
“Himachal is on its way to becoming a green state, the government will bring a plan for solar energy in the second phase and the agriculture sector in the third phase,” he said.
Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu alleged that illegal mining was being promoted by the previous BJP government in the state.
“The mining scam happened during the time of previous government, the government will investigate the mining scam that happened during the time of previous government, 131 stone crushers in Beas River Basin 63 were running without permission, scam of worth crores of rupees happened, the government suffered loss. Government will investigate the crushers installed in all the River Basin,” he said. (ANI)