After the third wave of Corona became normal, the people who got both doses of Covid vaccine ignored the booster dose a lot. Tell us that till now only 25 percent of all age groups above 12 years have received the third vaccine of Covid in the state. With this, more than 65 lakh people have not received a booster dose.

At the same time, a percentage of the elderly aged 60 and older received a third dose. According to the Health Department, the estimated population of the state is 1.21 million. Over 89.35 percent of this population is over 12 years of age. They were supposed to receive the Covid vaccine.

There are approximately 10 percent of people who have had and received the second and third doses of the Covid vaccine. However, there are more than 65 lakh people who have not received the third dose. The state government has become alert in view of the dire situation of Covid in other countries including China. The Health Department will begin a booster dose campaign in the state again starting December 23.