Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Tuesday, heaped praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that he has elevated India’s standing globally and reinforced security measures, providing “a lasting solution to issues of terrorism and Naxalism”.
“As one of the world’s most esteemed politicians, PM Modi has elevated India’s standing globally, reinforced security measures, provided a lasting solution to issues of terrorism and Naxalism, introduced innovative development paradigms, and initiated a fresh array of welfare schemes aimed at the underprivileged,” Yogi said while Addressing a BJP workers’ conference here, in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“PM Modi has made an unparalleled contribution to enhancing and respecting faith for the first time in independent India. Under PM Modi’s stewardship, New India is progressing towards self-reliance and emerging as a stronger nation. The world observed his nomination in Kashi with keen interest and astonishment,” he added.
He exuded confidence that Kashi would pave the way for ”Phiir ek bar Modi sarkar,’ (Modi government once again).
He said that each individual in Kashi was keen to extend a warm welcome to their Member of Parliament and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

He further added, “Every global citizen who values democracy and cares for the welfare of humanity closely followed the roadshow and nomination proceedings. The enthusiasm and warmth shown by the people of Kashi during the Prime Minister’s nomination and visit on Monday have left the nation and the world deeply touched. As the leader of the world’s largest democracy, Prime Minister Modi has dedicatedly and tirelessly served for a decade.”
The CM urged the workers, stating, “Kashi must strive to set new benchmarks, as the PM’s connection with the people of Kashi, both as their elected representative and as a guide to the party members, serves as an inspiration.”
He further noted that Kashi is forging a fresh identity, exemplifying the transformations of the past decade evident in the emergence of New Kashi. The city has garnered global attention and successfully hosted numerous national and international summits. New Kashi offers everything, he stated.
Yogi highlighted how, as a guiding force for both the government and the party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi championed the mantra of ‘Seva Hi Sangathan’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the crisis, BJP organizations and workers were seen actively serving the public on the streets.
The Chief Minister emphasized the significance of the Prime Minister filing his nomination from Kashi for the third time. “The ongoing campaign of cultural resurgence in the country over the last decade finds renewed inspiration in your nomination from Kashi. It’s a matter of great honour, not just for Uttar Pradesh, but for all our countrymen and their faith,” he stated.
He continued, “With your nomination, Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, and indeed the entire nation would rally strongly behind the call of ‘Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar.’ Every citizen and every segment of Kashi is deeply connected to this movement. With a determination to put an end to the negative politics of rumours, societal misguidance, and the divisive strategies of the opposition, the entire nation will, under the adept leadership of Narendra Modi, secure a resounding majority for the government for the third time, with Kashi leading the way.”
In the worker conference, BJP state president Bhupendra Singh Choudhary, Union Minister and BJP candidate from Chandauli Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, Machhilishahr MP and candidate BP Saroj, Regional President Dilip Patel, Lok Sabha in-charge Satish Dwivedi, Kashi District President and Legislative Council member Hansraj. Vishwakarma, Metropolitan President Vidyasagar Rai, etc. officials were present. (ANI)