National President of Bahujan Samaj Party Mayawati held an important meeting of senior officials from Chandigarh, Haryana and Punjab on Saturday.
Bahujan Samaj Party Chief Mayawati held a key meeting on Saturday with the party’s Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh units to discuss the BSP’s preparations and strategies for the 2024 general elections.
It was decided in the meeting that the party has to start immediate work to bring forward good results in the elections, a press release by the BSP said.
“Forced imposition of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) on the people of the country is a step, which is neither needed nor useful in view of the present situation of the country, as the previous Law Commission has also said,” Mayawati said.
The issue of the wrestlers’ protest was also raised in the meeting. “Despite being forced to protest against the exploitation of women wrestlers, there is resentment among the people about the indifferent attitude of the BJP and their governments towards them,” the BSP Press release said.
“In the state of Haryana, people are discussing the political instability and election promises due to increasing differences and mutual disputes etc. in the BJP coalition government. Due to this, the development is obstructed and the general public is troubled. The condition of the poor, labourers is neglected,” Mayawati said in the press conference.
“Despite being forced to agitate against the exploitation of the women wrestlers, the people of Haryana continue to resent the indifferent attitude of the BJP and their governments towards them,” she added.

“There is a possibility that in Haryana that the Legislative Assembly elections may be held along with the general elections next year. That’s why BSP has to begin its preparations at every level so that the people of Haryana can meet their unfulfilled wish of getting the best government of “Sarvajan Hitay and Sarvajan Sukhay” by fighting the elections with full enthusiasm,” she said.
Mayawati said that the public has now become conscious of the failures of not being able to solve the day-to-day problems despite so many years of BJP rule and it seems that the BJP and its Governments are now targets of frustration. To cover up their shortcomings, without caring much for the welfare of the general public and the country, they are giving further impetus to their casteist, communal and divisive policies.
“Instead of spending the power and resources of the government on UCC, it would be right if the BJP curbed inflation, and concentrated on removing the basic problems related to extreme poverty, unemployment and education and health system,” she added. In May, Mayawati held a meeting with the BSP’s UP office bearers after suffering a defeat in Uttar Pradesh local body polls.
“All the big and small office bearers, divisional and district presidents etc. of the UP state have been invited to Lucknow in order to make a concrete strategy to face these fierce anti-people challenges and to start preparing for the Lok Sabha general elections from now onwards. Special meeting tomorrow,” the BSP supremo had tweeted.
The BSP which had bagged two mayoral seats in 2017, failed even to open its account this time. Its councillors were reduced from 147 to 85 and Municipal Council Chairpersons went from 29 to 16. The number of Palika Parishad members also fell from 262 to 191. While the Nagar Panchayat Chairpersons got reduced from 45 to 37 and members from 218 to 215.
Meanwhile, on Friday, dismissing speculation of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) reuniting with the BJP, SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal said there is no question of reunion with the BJP.
The Shiromani Akali Dal had been a close ally of the BJP in Punjab and had fought many state elections together. But the SAD had broken its alliance with the BJP over three farm laws that were eventually repealed.
“We have an alliance with the BSP, so how is this question even arising?”, Badal asked. (ANI)