Former ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayanan appealed to the younger generation to exercise their right to vote.
Speaking to ANI, Nambi Narayanan said, “I don’t have a special message, but a normal message, particularly to those who are coming for the first time to vote. The only message I will give to the younger generation is to make sure you vote and go to the polling booth at the earliest before the sun becomes very hot…”
“In Kerala, we are about 2.77 crores of voters, out of which 5 lakhs are the first time voters. I think first of all, they should be happy as they are part of the system…In Kerala, the community is more educated, I hope they understand who rules the centre and state…They also must fathom who is suitable for them. No matter whether you like the system or not; you should vote as it matters a lot,” he added.
Meanwhile, ISRO chief S Somanath cast his vote in Thiruvananthapuram.
After casting his vote, Somanath said, “I am very happy to vote today. Each vote counts. Don’t hesitate to come out to vote. Every election, this is my voting booth. For the last election too I voted here. I am happy that I could participate in this. There is good voter turnout and it is a good indication.”

“It is your right to vote, and pick your candidate. It comes once in every 5 years so I urge everybody to go out and cast your vote. I urge those who are sitting inside their homes, it is hot but the booths have all the facilities to enable you to vote without much trouble. This is your duty towards your country and if you do not vote you will miss your duty. So, I urge everybody to fulfil their responsibility and take 5 minutes time out and vote. The polling officials will help voters if they have any doubts,” the ISRO Chief added.
Kerala recorded 30.26 per cent turnout till 1:00 pm, according to data shared by the Election Commission (EC).
Other states where there is high voter turnout are Chhattisgarh (53.09), Tripura (54.47), and Manipur 54.26).
Maharashtra is witnessing low voter turnout, as the state has recorded 31.77 per cent.
Voting for the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 began at 7:00 am on Friday across 88 Parliamentary Constituencies spread over 12 States and Union Territories. (ANI)