Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla on Tuesday lauded the efforts of the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) on its 53rd Foundation Day and said that good policing cannot be imagined without the organisation.
The Home Secretary also assured that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is commited to research and development and to the growth of the BPR&D, which was established in 1970.
Noting that the BPR&D has played a great role in changing the perception of people towards police, Bhalla said, “Good policing cannot be imagined without BPR&D.”
Speaking at the event, the Home Secretary conveyed congratulations to team up BPR&D led by the organisation’s Director General Balaji Srivastava.
“The BPR&D is one sort of important organisation which Ministry of Home Affairs feels really can contribute towards the good policing in the country,” said Bhalla, adding that “police are a visible arm of the government which is at the cutting edge, and all of us realise that it needs to be delivering better services as well as achieve people’s perception for the police.”

Quoting the Prime Minister’s remark that policemen still should be serving in a manner that gets appreciated, the Home Secretary said, “So, the role of BPR&D towards this part has been very, very good.”
“You have been training these people over the decades. The police force progresses from different situations like law and order, social issues, natural calamities, extremist elements, insurgency, anti-social elements and white-collar crimes. So, with all these changes in technology, blockchain cryptocurrency also is bringing in quite a number of challenges to the police set-up all over the country,” he said.
“Drones, unmanned vehicles, robotic gadgets, Metaverse, all those things. It is quite a challenge for the policeman in the field. So, the responsibility of leveraging technology to improve the capability of the police forces and the leaders with the police organisations in consultation or collaboration with academia, industry, and research establishments. So, this is where BPR&D provides that platform and brings all the organisations together,” he added.
Bhalla noted that the Indian police forces have been able to handle all these challenges very efficiently and that BPR&D has been playing a vital role in nearly every aspect of making Indian police smart.
“Right from issuing guidelines on healthy lifestyle to officers and personnel of law enforcement agencies to doing capacity building of the investigating officers in either cybersecurity forensics, modern weapons gadgets, equipment supplying building infrastructure, blueprints to construction of buildings, bringing prison reforms, the BPR&D is leaving no stone unturned,” he said. (ANI)