In view of an increase in inflows, two flood gates of the Osman Sagar reservoir were raised by two feet to release 442 cusecs of water downstream, said an official.
According to DGM Osman Sagar, “Two flood gates will be opened to two feet height at 8 am on Tuesday due to increase in the inflows in Osman Sagar reservoir. The outflow will be 442 cusecs.”
In view of the increase in inflows, two gates of the Himayat Sagar were also lifted by two feet at 8 am in the morning today.
DGM(E) Himayat Sagar said, “Due to increase in inflows, two gates of Himayat Sagar will be lifted by two feet each at 8.00 am today. Total Outflow will be 1,373 cusecs.”
Osman Sagar is a reservoir in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

It was created by damming the Musi River in 1920, to provide an additional source of drinking water for Hyderabad and to protect the city after the Great Musi Flood of 1908.
Constructed during the reign of the last Nizam of Hyderabad State, Osman Ali Khan, it is a popular tourist destination, especially in the monsoon season when the reservoir is full.
Its parks, resorts, and amusement park are a major attraction.
This lake had served drinking water to Hyderabad city but, due to increase in population, is not sufficient to meet the city’s water supply demand. (ANI)