Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday said that Encephalitis (a disease that causes inflammation of the brain), which has killed around 50,000 children in the last 50 years has now been completely eradicated from Uttar Pradesh.
Speaking at the inaugural event of Anganwadi centres in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow, CM Yogi said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inspired the whole country to conduct a massive campaign against malnutrition in 2018. I remember, that in the east region of Uttar Pradesh, there were deaths due to encephalitis. From 1977-2017, around 50,000 children in Uttar Pradesh suffered from encephalitis that reduced after 2018 onwards. The situation today is that encephalitis has been completely eradicated from Uttar Pradesh with the help of intra-departmental convergence”.
Anganwadi centres are known as childcare centres based in rural areas. They were established to tackle malnutrition and child hunger across the nation.
“It wasn’t just a fight against a disease but we also addressed several other issues attached to it, like the reason behind malnutrition. Uttar Pradesh saw success in safeguarding the future of children and the nation with the fight against encephalitis”, he added.
“It was a fight against encephalitis but along with this, it was a step towards shielding childhood and embellishing the future of the country and the Uttar Pradesh government has succeeded in it. The result is in front of us”, added the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

Speaking about the Anganwadi centres, CM Yogi further said, “Anganwadi centres are an effort to shield children from the diseases occurring due to weak immunity. Prime Minister Modiji, in his address, once said that they do the same thing that was done by Maa Yashoda (Lord Krishna’s mother). Yashoda Maa raised lord Krishna with all dedication. The central government and the state government have handed over the same role to the Anganwadi centres. If a child is healthy, he can fight any disease. They are doing work to strengthen the foundation of the country”.
Speaking about the ‘Meri Maati, Mera Desh’ campaign, he said, “By 2027, Bharat will be recognised as the third largest economy of the world. Prime Minister Modiji has dreamt of a developed nation by 2047. In order to fulfil that goal, a campaign named ‘Meri Maati, Mera Desh’ has been launched”.
Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched ‘Amrit Kalash Yatra’ under the ‘Meri Mati-Mera Desh’ campaign, saying “It is not just a programme, but a medium to connect oneself with the future of the country”.
Under the event, every household, ward, and village will collect the ‘Mitti’ (soil) or grains in a pot from September 1-30, following it up from October 1-13th at the block and later from October 22-27th at the state level, and finally, from October 28-30th these 7,500 pots will reach New Delhi.
Launching the ‘Amrit Kalash Yatra’, Shah said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will put soil from these Amrit Kalash in the Amrit Vatika created in Delhi in honour of our great “veers”, which will keep on reminding every citizen that we must make India great during the period of Amritkal. (ANI)