Regional Director for the northern region of the Union Corporate Affairs Ministry, Sanjay Shorey, paid a visit to the Registrar of Companies office in Srinagar as part of a comprehensive field inspection.
During his visit, Shorey gained valuable insights into the office’s operations in the Kashmir valley, where it has been operational since September 2019 and holds jurisdiction over all districts within the region. Notably, the office also serves as the official liquidator attached to the High Court of J&K and Ladakh.
Incharge officer for the station, Haamid Bukhari, took the opportunity to present a comprehensive overview to Shorey, highlighting the status of pending inquiries, inspections, and investigations concerning corporates and companies. Bukhari provided an in-depth account of the office’s overall functioning and shared details about the prosecutions filed against defaulting companies and corporates in lower courts.

Expressing his appreciation for the office’s operations, the Regional Director commended the Registrar of Companies for their efforts and offered valuable advice for improvement. He emphasized the importance of being more responsive to stakeholders and urged the office to enhance compliance in the region.
Sanjay Shorey remarked, “I am impressed by the efficient functioning of the office in Srinagar. It is commendable to witness the progress made since its establishment in 2019. However, it is essential to ensure a high level of responsiveness to stakeholders and further improve compliances in order to foster a conducive business environment in the region.”
Hamid Bukhari said, “The visit by the Regional Director signifies the Union Corporate Affairs Ministry’s commitment to overseeing the proper functioning of corporate entities and companies within the Kashmir valley. This approach aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and compliance among businesses operating in the region.” (ANI)