Kerala BJP Vice President KS Radhakrishnan on Monday took a dig at the CPI-M politicians saying that “Marxist politicians are looting the funds of temples”.

KS Radhakrishnan, BJP State Vice President said, “There is an irony in the attitude of the communists in generally to the places of worship. Theoretically, no communists can believe in god, temples, rituals etc. Because they believe in dialectical and historical materialism which never space to god and the related rituals. Naturally, if they claim that they are communists, they cannot entertain god. If they entertain god, temples and rituals, then they are diluting the metaphysical aspects of Marxian philosophy. They cannot admit and they cannot entertain god and temples, places of worship.”

“In Kerala, they are practising self-defection. They want to project themselves as the protectors of the religious faith. How can they be? No jackal is able to protect chickens, chickens cannot be protected by jackals. So the communists cannot protect the places of worship. Because they never believe in god,” he claimed.

Radhakrishnan’s views came after an old video of retired Supreme Court Justice Indu Malhotra went viral on social media where she is heard saying that “communist governments have taken over Hindu temples”.

She was referring to the Padmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala in the video. She can be heard saying that she, along with Justice UU Lalit, had halted temple takeovers by the government, such as in Kerala, where the state government, according to her, take over temples “for revenue”, in particular Hindu temples.

“I don’t think Indu Malhotra has said anything wrong in this case. She has just revealed what happened in recent days,” added Radhakrishnan.
According to the BJP leader, a Marxist man cannot safeguard the interest of the temple and they are only interested in the revenue of the temples.
Further speaking about Kerala and the Marxist leaders’ connection with it, Radhakrishnan said, “In Kerala, they are too much interested in temples and their governance. They want to grab the money from the temples. Why should they keep the temples under their custody? How can they depute a Marxist man to safeguard the interest of the temple? If he is a Marxist man, he cannot safeguard the interest of the temple. If they pay interest or attention to temples, it must be based on a single point that, they are only interested in the revenue of the temples. Their interest is only in wealth. This has been uttered by Indu Malhotra. It’s a fact.”

KS Radhakrishnan said that the Marxist politicians are looting the funds of the temples.

“The institutions maintained by the Devaswom and Devaswom function at the expense of the Hindus. And all the institutions maintained by the Devaswom have been opened to the political parties. Politicians are looting the fund. Especially the Marxist politicians are looting the funds of the temples in one way or another, snatching illegal benefits, defeating their own faiths and they are cheating themselves or the society,” said the BJP state vice president. (ANI)