People of a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam district showed a unique example of brother-sister bond on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan on Wednesday.
The people of Gunawad village in the district have spread their palms for a woman to walk on it to unveil a statue of her fallen soldier husband, built in the village. The workers of Shaheed Samarsata Mission built the statue of braveheart Kanhaiyalal Jat and which was unveiled by his wife Sapna Jat. Kanhaiyalal was killed in action in Sikkim on May 21, 2021.

Shaheed Samarsata Mission is a mission to build a harmonious and mighty India of the dreams of the fallen soldiers since 2007. The Shaheed Samarsata Mission also took out a grand Tiranga Yatra in the entire village with the portrait of the braveheart, honouring his wife and the parents on the occasion.
Founder and National Convenor of Shaheed Samarsata Mission, Mohan Narayan had promised the braveheart Kanhaiyalal’s wife, Sapna Jat and his parents last month on July 31 to build a memorial of the fallen soldier before Raksha Bandhan and fulfilled it.
The braveheart’s wife Sapna Jat said, “I have never seen such an initiative where the fallen soldier’s family were made to walk on palms. Earlier, also brothers of Shaheed Samarsata Mission spread their palms during the Grih Parevesh of the family of a fallen soldier. Now, they did this with me and I am very proud of it. No one has done this before and it is amazing work.”
The work which the government could not do has been done by the Shaheed Samarsata Mission and this festival of Raksha Bandhan will always be a glorious one, she added.
Kargil war braveheart Rajendra Kumar Yadav’s wife Pratibha Yadav who is also associated with Shaheed Samarsata Mission said, “The statue of Amar Shaheed Kanhaiyalal Jat has been inaugurated. The gift which brothers of the Shaheed Samarsata Mission has given to the sister (wife of braveheart Kanhaiyalal) is amazing. The mission has been giving such gifts to their sisters and will continue to give. Where the responsibility of the government ends, the work of the team of Shaheed Samarsata Mission starts and fulfils it till the last breath.” (ANI)