Bharatiya Janata Party MLA and former Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, CN Ashwath Narayan, launched a scathing attack on the Congress government, saying their idea of ‘Karnataka Model’ has failed and they did not fulfilled promises done to the people of the state.
Narayan specifically pointed out the shortcomings in the implementation of Karnataka government’s five key programmes: Anna Bhagya, Gruha Lakshmi, Gruha Jyothi, Shakti, and Yuva Nidhi. Narayan claimed that the touted ‘Karnataka Model’ is merely an election gimmick, accusing Congress of deceiving not just the people of Karnataka but also those of Telangana and other poll-bound states.
“That (Karnataka Model by the Congress government in the state) is a good model only on paper. When it comes to the implementation, they have completely failed to deliver with regard to the Anna Bhagya, Gruha Lakshmi, Gruha Jyothi, Shakti, and Yuva Nidhi–all five programmes have completely failed in the state of Karnataka. They are making only false claims. That is only an election model. That is not a Karnataka model. They have been cheating the people of Karnataka. They want to cheat even the people of Telangana and other states wherever the polls are going on. With regard to the Karnataka model, whatever they promised has not been delivered. They have been cheating people,” Karnataka BJP MLA and former Deputy CM CN Ashwath Narayan told ANI.
In response to Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s claim that the BJP, AIMIM, and BRS are jointly contesting the Telangana elections, Narayan dismissed the statement as completely baseless and false. He countered by alleging that it is the Congress that has an understanding with AIMIM and is willing to align with any party, regardless of their ideology, for the sake of power.
“This is a completely baseless statement that has been made by Priyanka Gandhi. It is not true; it is completely false. They are the people who have an understanding of AIMIM. Congress will get along with all kinds of fanatic parties and all kinds of anti-national parties, whoever is there. They just want power. For the sake of power, they will do anything,” he told ANI.
Further, while responding to allegations that the Congress party is collecting money from the people of Karnataka to fund their campaigns in states with upcoming elections, Narayan said, “The Congress government in Karnataka is known as ‘ATM Sarkar’. So, ATM Sarkar is busy looting every place with regard to transfers and payments to contractors. They have been looting the state of Karnataka at every single opportunity…Congress is known for this culture.”
Talking about the viral video involving Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s son, Narayan said, “Allegations have been made repeatedly. They do not bother. They continue to loot the state and the scams and transfers are going on…That is the culture of Congress. That is what this ATM Sarkar is,” the BJP MLA said.
Further, while reacting to the guarantees that Congress had promised in Karnataka, Narayan criticised the Congress party for failing to fulfil their promises even after six months in office.
“Congress promised to implement five guarantees immediately upon assuming office; however, they completed six months but did not deliver on their promise yet. They are putting many conditions on the power. But still, many people are not getting power. They are not giving money to ESCOMs,” he said.
Narayan further criticised the Congress government for only releasing 10% of the promised funds. He pointed out that Karnataka, once a power surplus state, has now become a power deficit state under the current administration. Narayan accused the Congress of attempting to deceive and mislead the public for electoral gains. He also cast doubt on the stability of the current leadership, referring to the Chief Minister as a temporary appointment.
“They only released 10% of the money that was supposed to be released. Karnataka was a power surplus state; now it is a power deficit state. They want to cheat and mislead people and win here. Even the CM is not guaranteed in Karnataka; he is only a temporary CM,” he said.
Telangana goes to the polls on November 30, with results for the 119-member assembly to be declared along with four other states on December 3. (ANI)