Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) president Pratibha Virbhadra Singh said that the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi’s membership is a murder of democracy.
Pratibha said that Rahul Gandhi was constantly asking questions to the government, so he was disqualified as an MP.
Addressing a media conference in Shimla on Friday, she said, “This has never been seen before in the history of the country. It is for the first time democracy is being strangled like this.”
After the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi’s membership from the Lok Sabha, the Congress party has been vocal all over the country. Continuous efforts are being made to bring the opposition on a single platform.
Pratibha Virbhadra Singh who is also a member of the Indian parliament from the Mandi segment of Himachal Pradesh said that Congress will not allow the murder of democracy in the country. She said that this was done by the Prime Minister just to save and protect his Industrialist friend Adani.
“Congress is raising the voice of farmers, horticulturists, workers and common people while the Prime Minister is busy strengthening his best friend Adani. The Union government led by BJP is misusing the power and has throttled the democracy in the country”, she added.Pratibha said, “BJP targeted Rahul Gandhi as part of a well-planned strategy, as he had asked two questions to the Modi government at the Centre on the Adani scam in the House. He had asked that Adani’s shell companies have twenty thousand crores rupees and from where did this money come when Adani is in the infrastructure business and he cannot earn that much.”
She said that just 9 days after Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Parliament on the Adani scam, the defamation case against him was started again. The hearing of the case begins on February 27 and on March 23, the trial court convicts Rahul Gandhi and sentences him to a maximum sentence of two years in this case. Along with this, within 24 hours on March 24, Rahul Gandhi’s membership was disqualified by the speaker of the Lok Sabha which is very unfortunate.
She said, “It was surprising that immediately after this the order was issued to vacate the government residence within a month. She said that this is the first time in the history of the country that a Member of Parliament has been awarded the maximum punishment in a defamation case.”
Pratibha Singh said that part of the speech given by Rahul Gandhi and Congress National President Malika Arjun Kharge on Adani inside the house of parliament was deleted. She said that not letting the house run by the ruling party was a part of BJP’s well-thought-out strategy, which would have avoided Rahul Gandhi’s questions in the House.
She said that when Rahul Gandhi wanted to clarify his position in the House on one of his statements given abroad, even after his request to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, he did not even get a chance to speak and he has now been expelled from the membership of the House.
Pratibha Singh said, “The BJP is in panic due to huge public support in Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra. Today Congress is trying to show the reality of BJP to the people through the press in support of its leader Rahul Gandhi in all the district headquarters across the state and this process is going on in the whole country.”
On being asked about the office bearers of Youth Congress who were removed from different positions for not participating in the protest in support of Rahul Gandhi in Delhi, Pratibha said that they were removed by the Youth Congress Central leadership as they were given a call to assemble in Delhi and also they failed to give reasons for not participating. (ANI)