The G20 Summit has given an opportunity to the Kullvi Whims, a private organisation of heritage village Naggar of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh to showcase their handloom art at the Bharat Mandapam International Exhibition and Convention Centre.
Kullvi Whims, a beacon of Himachal Pradesh’s rich heritage and natural splendour was selected to exhibit its craft during the prestigious.

The artisans are showcasing Himachal’s vibrant heritage, natural dye products, and traditional crafts to a global audience.
Under the collaborative efforts of the Himachal government and Himachal Pradesh Handicraft and Handloom Corporation Limited, with curation by the design consultant Akshita Sharma, Kullvi Whims proudly presents its collection of “desi oon” handspun, woven, and knit textiles.

This unique collection seamlessly blends heritage weaves with contemporary designs, offering a comprehensive display of the wool value chain and the craftsmanship of Himachal Pradesh.
Co-founders Vrighu Acharya and Nisha Subramanian have expressed their overflowing pride and happiness as their products take centre stage at the G20 Delhi Summit.
Equally thrilled and proud are the artisans from Naggar, whose contributions to the Kullvi Whims collective are featured prominently on this esteemed international platform.
“We are proud to represent our state, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, and our country on this esteemed international stage,” expressed the co-founder of Kullvi Whims, Vrighu Acharya.
This moment marks a source of immense pride for Himachal Pradesh, as Kullvi Whims showcases the natural splendour and craftsmanship that define the heart of the region on the global stage.
The exhibition showcases Indian textiles, decorative items, and artefacts. This exhibition delves into India’s rich cultural heritage, ethos, and interconnectedness, tracing its cultural wonders through archaeological artefacts, literature, numismatics, epigraphy, and paintings.
The crafts bazaar installed at the venue of the G20 Summit at Bharat Mandapan-showcasing attractions from across India in 30 stalls, is where invitees to the G20 Summit can purchase handicrafts with historical and economic significance to the host country.
Many of the people managing the stalls flew in from different states, bringing with them diverse and electric energy as they gave last-minute finishing touches to the stalls. (ANI)