Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge has accused the BJP of spewing venom and spreading communal disharmony in the country and lodged a complaint against BJP National President J P Nadda and others for malicious posts against Rahul Gandhi.
The Karnataka minister for Information Technology and Biotechnology on Monday lodged a police complaint against Nadda, the BJP IT Cell chief Amit Malviya and the party’s Chandigarh president Arun Sood for releasing a “malicious” animated video of Rahul Gandhi.
“For a long time, BJP’s IT handles have been spewing venom, spreading communal disharmony and spreading false news. So it’s high time that these people need to be reigned in, including their IT head,” Kharge said.

In his complaint to the High Grounds Police Station in Bengaluru, Kharge alleged that the video circulated on June 17 on Malviya’s Twitter handle had been posted with the malicious intent of not only tarnishing the reputation of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress but also to instigate communal discord and misrepresent the party and its leaders’ persona.
“Whatever they put up on June 17 is highly malicious and we are going to take action against that. So we have complained today. I have registered a complaint today and we will take it to the logical end,” Kharge said
In his complaint, it is said that the video claimed that Congress and Rahul Gandhi are indulging in the balkanization of the country and indulging in anti-national activities. (ANI)