A recent survey conducted by the ministry of education, Karnataka Government, has pointed out that the Arabic schools in the state are not following the regulations provided by the state education department. This has underlined the notion that the students studying in such schools have not been prepared enough to compete with students from other schools.

Karnataka School Education Minister, BC Nagesh, says, “We decided to conduct a survey of those schools and found that the majority of Arabic schools aren’t following whatever is prescribed by the State Education dept. We asked Asst. Commissioner to review it and will take action after getting the report.”

According to Nagesh, complaints have surfaced over the quality of education in Arabic Schools in Karnataka. “We received complaints that students of these schools aren’t capable of competing with students of other schools as they don’t have a proper standard of education,” Nagesh told.

As per the survey, in the state of Karnataka, there are a total of 203 aided and unaided schools and pre-university colleges that teach Arabic. Most of which are located in northern Karnataka and the coastal regions. They have all registered under the State Education department.

According to Naresh, these schools have to follow the regulations given by the ministry, but the majority of the schools are not following them. The survey also found out that the students of these Arabic schools are not taught other languages and Science.

Nagesh said there are very few Arabic schools that are following the prescribed course and as a result, the students are unable to compete with other students. (ANI)