The Delhi High Court on Tuesday formed a committee of experts regarding the reformation/improvement of the health and medical infrastructure of all hospitals of Delhi governed by the Centre Government, Delhi Government and Municipal Corporation of Delhi.
The bench of Justice Manmohan and Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora, while passing directions to constitute a committee of experts, stated that, since this health and medical field is an extremely specialized area that requires subject experience and deemed knowledge, we deem it expedient to appoint a committee of experts that shall consider the matter in detail and place their suggestions and recommendations.
The court also stated that huge investment, along with structural reforms in the functioning of government hospitals without entering into a blame game, is the need of the hour to come year of neglected apathy, which can only be done if there is consensus on the measures to be adopted both in the short and long run.
The court directed the committee of experts to suggest ways for optimizing the existing resources in the various hospitals located in Delhi owned by the Delhi, central government or MCD.
The committee is also to devise a mechanism for the establishment of a control room that will enable the provision of real-time information concerning the availability of ICU beds in the various hospitals and their timely availability for patients. Availability of infrastructure, medicines and adequate manpower in the hospitals for operating/managing high-end equipment and critical care units in various hospitals, court-directed.
To reduce the stress on referral hospitals by strengthening the peripheral hospitals located in various districts of Delhi, the end-to-end mechanism for ensuring uninterrupted supply of medicine, injections and consumables in government hospitals, said the court while seeking committee recommendations on it.
The court also asked the committee for a mechanism to fill the vacant posts in hospitals on a contract basis until regular incumbents join through UPSC/DSSB.
Other recommendations, which the committee thinks are fit and proper for the purpose of improving the medical services provided by the hospitals in Delhi to the public at large.
The court passed directions while dealing with a suo motu PIL initiated in 2017 regarding the availability of ICU beds and ventilator facilities in government hospitals, stressing the need for medical infrastructure to keep pace with the city’s population.
The Coury earlier showed displeasure with the government of NCT Delhi and concerned departments for the non-availability of adequate health infrastructure in the national capital.
The Delhi government suggested on Monday that the committee should consist of subject matter experts who have wide experience in the field of health infrastructure management and management of critical care units and intensive care units or have a proven track record of working as activists on the issue of health.
According to the Government, the proposed Members for the said Expert committee are Ashok Aggarwal – Social Jurist & Member, the Inspection
Committee constituted by High Court of Delhi, Dr. S.K. Sarin, Director, TLBS, Dr Deepak K. – Ex – Dean, MAMC (Anesthetist), Dr. S. Ramji, Ex-Dean, MAMC (Neonatologist), Dr. Urmil Jhamb, Ex-HOD, Pediatrics, MAMC & Ex-Director, CNBC (Pediatric Intensivist), Dr. B. L Sherwal, Ex-Ex-Director, RGSSH & Ex-MS, Safdarjung Hospital (Microbiologist), Dr. R S Rautella – Ex-Medical Director, GTBH (Anaesthetist), Dr. Vikas Dogia, HOD, Pulmonology, RGSSH (Pulmonologist);.
According to a status report, out of 735 sanctioned posts of non-teaching specialists in Delhi government hospitals, 287 posts, i.e., 39 pc of the total sanctioned posts, are lying vacant.
Specialties like radiology, Neurosurgery and medicine, which are essential for managing critical care patients, have more than 50% of sanctioned posts lying vacant. More than one-third of the sanctioned posts of anesthetists, who are in charge of critical care units, are vacant.
Similarly, 282 (21%) sanctioned posts of General Duty Medical Officers (GDMOs) and 25 (61%) sanctioned posts of Dental Surgeons {Civil Assistant Surgeons (CAS)} are also lying vacant.
The specialty-wise details of sanctioned or vacant posts of non-teaching specialists and details of sanctioned or vacant posts of GDMOs & CAS. Doctors of the Non-Teaching Specialist sub-cadre and the GDMO sub-cadre of Delhi Health Services are recruited through the Union Public Service Commission.
The Delhi Government in its report earlier submitted that the Minister of Health, vide letters dated April 19, 2023 and June 6, 2023, requested the Lt. Governor to use his good offices to expedite the recruitment of non-teaching specialists and general duty medical officers. The Lt. Governor promptly forwarded the said request for filling up of 2920 vacant posts of Non-specialists and 234 vacant posts of GDMOs in the Delhi Health Services to the Secretary, UPSC vide letter dated May 3, 2023. (ANI)