The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre (SZGMC) has completed its preparations to receive masses of worshippers and visitors during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1445.
In Ramadan 1444, the mosque welcomed 684,945 worshippers and visitors while a record of over 60,000 worshippers gathered at the mosque on the 27th night of Ramadan to observe Laylat Al Qadr, a significant night in the Islamic faith.
The SZGMC has formed committees and teams to ensure organised and integrated work around the clock to meet the needs of the large turnout of worshippers and visitors by providing various high-quality services and facilities.
It has also held a series of meetings with strategic partners, including government and private entities, to ensure the smooth functioning of the work system in place during the Holy Month.
As part of its efforts to improve the level of services provided to its worshippers and visitors and to assume its social responsibility that aims to consolidate the value of volunteerism, the SZGMC enlisted over 580 qualified volunteers who work alongside the Centre’s employees, the Emirates Red Crescent, the (Absher Ya Watan) volunteer team, police officers, paramedics and the Civil Defense personnel to provide the best services to worshippers, allowing them to perform their prayers with reverence and ease.

The SZGMC provided more than 70 electric cars to transport worshippers from parking lots to prayer halls. Priority use of these cars will be given to the elderly and people of determination.
Additionally, the centre has also provided 8,379 parking spaces for worshippers, including 1,500 for women and more than 60 for people of determination. 1,800 additional parking spaces have been added this year.
SZGMC has provided over 3,515 chairs and 50 wheelchairs for worshippers.
Seeking to revive a cherished Emirati cultural heritage, the Centre cooperated with the Ministry of Defence to fire the cannon announcing the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan in coordination with the Ramadan Moon Sighting Committee, and also fire the cannon daily at the mosque throughout Ramadan to mark the Iftar time, and to announce the advent of Eid Al Fitr, commemorating one the holy month’s timeless traditions cherished by the UAE citizens and residents.
It also allowed people of different cultures to watch the daily live firing of the cannon on Abu Dhabi Media TV channels. (ANI/WAM)