Under the guidance of interim Health Minister Nadeem Jan, authorities have launched a crackdown on medicine profiteering across Pakistan, ARY News reported.
During the operation in Lahore, significant measures were taken against those selling medicines above the approved prices, as reported by the spokesperson.
The crackdown revealed that Heparin injections, medications for tuberculosis, epilepsy, cancer, and life-saving drugs were being illicitly sold at prices exceeding the officially sanctioned rates, according to ARY News.
The spokesperson detailed instances of malpractice, stating that Tegeral, an epilepsy medicine, was being sold for Pakistani Rupee (PKR) 1300 to 1400 instead of the approved PKR 260 per box.

Heparin injection, originally priced at PKR 975, was being sold at PKR 1500 to 3000, and Rivotril was being retailed at PKR 700 to PKR 800, surpassing the authorised PKR 267 per box. Furthermore, Rivotril 2mg was being sold for PKR 800 to PKR 1000 instead of the mandated PKR 400.
Similarly, Zenax 0.5mg was being sold at PKR 1400 rather than the approved PKR 278, and Zenax 1mg was priced at PKR 4000, significantly higher than the sanctioned PKR 502. The Ultrawest box, which should have been priced at PKR 3418, was being sold at PKR 6,500.
Health Minister Nadeem Jan, in a statement, expressed his commitment to taking action against those involved, citing the DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan) Act. He emphasised that severe fines and penalties would be imposed on profiteers in accordance with the DRAP Act.
Minister Jan further asserted that the DRAP task force would take decisive action against individuals engaged in profiteering. “The task force of DRAP will take full action against the profiteers,” the minister added, according to ARY News.
In a similar development, DRAP also issued a public warning regarding the usage of batch L-083 of Weena Syrup, a widely consumed product produced by Ms Swat Pharmaceuticals in Saidu Sharif Swat. (ANI)