The countries that joined BRICS in January 2024 show great enthusiasm, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at the opening of the BRICS Academic Forum, TV BRICS reported.
“The work is result-oriented, we do not feel that there are any additional frictions, contradictions, difficulties in the group,” said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister.
Marco Aurelio Alves de Mendonca, researcher at the Brazilian Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), spoke about what he intends to convey to the forum.
“There are some contradictions that Brazil has to deal with during trade interactions with other countries. But we have a lot to learn from overcoming the difficulties. And of course, the position of the Brazilian side is to increase cooperation in trade. Within the BRICS grouping, we should promote dialogue and look for common ground to work together,” he said in an exclusive interview to TV BRICS.

“Now Ethiopia is in the process of integrating into BRICS, this association is a complex structure. The significance of the discussions we are engaging in at the forum is that they help us to find ways to build consensus among the members of the group,” said Jafar Bedru, Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (IFA) in an exclusive commentary to TV BRICS.
The main event of the expert track of Russia’s BRICS chairmanship in 2024, the BRICS Academic Forum, kicked off on May 22 in Moscow. It is organised by the BRICS Expert Council. TV BRICS is an international media partner of the forum.
The event is being held under the motto “BRICS: New Figures on the World Chessboard.” It will bring together more than 200 representatives of the expert community of the group’s countries.
The forum participants will discuss approaches to solving pressing global governance challenges, formulate proposals to strengthen cooperation and work out ways to further develop cooperation at all levels. They will focus on assessing the progress made by the countries of the association on issues of mutual interest.
The event will result in recommendations for the BRICS Heads of State Summit to be held in Kazan in October, TV BRICS reported. (ANI)