Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz directed the management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ representation to the European Union and the Israeli embassies in Europe to increase the campaign against Iran among the European Union countries in preparation for the Foreign Affairs Council meeting of the European Foreign Ministers to discuss the issue of sanctions on Iran.

The main goal is to impose sanctions on Iran’s missile project, including the supply of missiles to all proxy terrorist entities associated with it in the Middle East.
The campaign follows dozens of conversations that Minister Katz had with his counterparts in Europe to convince them to promote and support sanctions on Iran with the clear message:
“Iranian aggression will not end with Israel and the Middle East,” he said, “but will reach you as well, and we must take all measures to curb Iran now, through harsh sanctions in the US, the European Union and other countries, and the isolation of Iran and the terrorist organizations associated with it.” (ANI/TPS)