Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei congratulated commanders of the country’s army for “displaying a good appearance of their abilities and authority,” during Tehran’s April 13 attack on Israel, according to state media.
In a meeting with commanders of the country’s armed forces, Khamenei on Sunday, said the recent achievement of the Iranian armed forces in ‘Operation True Promise’ displayed the willpower of Iranians, TASS news agency reported.
The 85-year-old leader described the issue of “the number of missiles fired or the missiles hit the target as of secondary importance”.
He underscored that “the main issue is the emergence of the willpower of the Iranian nation and the armed forces in the international arena,” as cited by TASS.

The country’s Supreme leader noted that the Iranian armed forces were a commendable figure of the country and highlighted that innovation in weapons and methods, and knowing the enemy’s methods, must always be on the agenda.
Khamenei, however, did not refer to the alleged strike by Israel on Friday on the Iranian city of Isfahan.
Iran had on April 13 launched an offensive firing drones and missiles on targets around Israel, which Trehan said was in retaliation for a presumed Israeli strike on Iran’s consulate building in Syria on April 1, in which 13 people were killed.
An US official confirmed to ABC News outlet on Friday that Israel had carried out overnight airstrikes against Israel. The report came shortly after local sources reported blasts in Isfahan region in central Iran. Following this, Iran fired air defence batteries and shut down flight operations in several cites including Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan that was later lifted.
There was no official confirmation by Israeli authorities on the reported reprisal strike. (ANI)