Israel Defence Forces (IDF) on Wednesday said it has killed one of the top figures in Hamas’s weapons manufacturing apparatus in an overnight airstrike.
The military and Shin Bet have called Muhsin Abu Zina “one of the leaders of weapons production” for Hamas, who specialised in manufacturing “strategic weapons and rockets,” according to Times of Israel report. The IDF has called him the head of Hamas’s “industries and weaponry” division.
Taking to X, Israeli Defence Forces stated, “IDF fighters continue to operate deep in the Gaza Strip, eliminating terrorists and directing aircraft to attack terrorist infrastructure. An IDF fighter jet, guided by the intelligence of the Shin Bet and Amman, destroyed the Abu Zina warehouse, which served as the head of the Industries and Weapons Department at the Hamas production headquarters.”
“Abu-Zina is one of the leaders in the production of ammunition for the terrorist organization Hamas and specializes in the production of strategic ammunition and rockets for Hamas terrorists. During the night, IDF fighters identified a terrorist squad that planned to fire anti-tank missiles at our forces. The fighters directed an aircraft that attacked the squad and eliminated several terrorists,” it added.
Furthermore, IDF said that it directed an aircraft to target the terrorist squad responsible for firing rockets and killed a number of terrorists during the airstrike.
In a post shared on X, Israel Defence Forces stated, “In addition, the fighters directed an aircraft to attack a terrorist squad that is responsible for firing rockets into the country and eliminated a number of terrorists.”
Earlier, the Israeli Air Force said that it attacked targets of Hezbollah, including the Amlah warehouse. It said that the attack was conducted in response to firing from Lebanese territory.
Taking to X, Israeli Air Force stated, “Fighter jets of the Air Force attacked targets of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, among them the Amlah warehouse, launch positions, infrastructures for targeting terrorism and sites where technological means of the terrorist organization Hezbollah are located. The attack was carried out in response to firing from Lebanese territory earlier today.”
Earlier, Israel Defence Forces shared a video showing some of the weapons used by Hamas, including explosive belts, firearms, hand grenades and rockets.
While sharing the video on X, IDF stated, “Raw footage: Here are some of the weapons found on Hamas’ terrorists on October 7th. 1,493 hand grenades and explosives, 760 RPGs, 427 explosive belts, 375 firearms, 106 rockets and missiles. These are just a few of the weapons used to massacre over 1,400 Israeli civilians. Weapons used for the killing of innocents.”
Meanwhile, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that Sgt First Class (res.) Yaacov Ozeri (28) of the 401st Armored Brigade was killed while fighting against Hamas terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip. He is the 31st soldier to be killed since Israel began its counter-offensive in response to Hamas’s attack on October 7, The Times of Israel reported.
Furthermore, the IDF said three soldiers from the Golani Brigade’s 13th Battalion, the 401st Brigade’s 601st Battalion, and the Paratrooper’s 890th Battalion were seriously injured during fighting in northern Gaza on Tuesday. (ANI)