Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, on Tuesday (local time), blamed both the parties, Democrats and Republicans for America’s massive debt and vowed to deploy veto power as president to bring the country’s fiscal house back in order.
In USA Today, Haley wrote an opinion piece where she said, “We must be honest: Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for America’s spending crisis. They have both supported multitrillion-dollar deficits that have brought us to a USD 31.6 trillion national debt and counting.”
“The nonstop spending binge of the past three years also gave us the soaring inflation that’s still squeezing families and an economy that’s stumbling toward recession,” she added.
She further stated that while Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much, they do accept the fact that America’s spending is running into bankruptcy.
In the opinion piece published in USA Today, the Republican presidential candidate recalled the 2020 time and said that in that year 2020, Democrats and Republicans in Congress united to change Medicaid rules, adding tens of millions more people while dramatically expanding food stamps – with no strings attached.
“We should be saving taxpayer money by moving people from welfare to work, not the other way around,” Haley said.
“Republicans and Democrats also love giving the American people’s money to politically connected companies. They came together to hand tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to chip makers, which now have to do the Biden administration’s far-left bidding on everything from child care to union pay rates,” she added.
She blamed Republicans for getting the ball rolling on the pandemic spending binge and even asked Democrats to take responsibility for keeping it going, price tag be damned.
Haley further stated that both parties have taken the famous line, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” to a whole new level, throwing billions of dollars at everything from labour unions to government entities that don’t exist.
In her opinion piece, Haley vowed to deploy veto power as president to bring the country’s fiscal house back in order, according to USA Today.
“As president, I will veto spending bills that don’t put America on track to reach pre-pandemic spending levels. I will claw back the USD 500 billion in federal pandemic funding that hasn’t been spent while going after up to USD 100 billion or more lost to fraud,” she wrote.
“These fights will inevitably pit me against Republicans as well as Democrats, but I’m used to it. As governor of South Carolina, I took on both parties to stop wasteful spending and to put every spending vote on the record, a fundamental measure of accountability and protecting taxpayers. I won that fight. It’s time someone in Washington stood up for taxpayers and stopped America’s slide toward bankruptcy,” she added. (ANI)