The “Khadijah al-Kubra” inaugural national and international exhibition for women, aimed at empowering entrepreneurial women, faces obstacles and low turnout due to economic hardships, Khaama Press reported.
Women from various provinces, including Helmand, Nimruz, Herat, and Nangarhar, showcase their products, but limited attendance by women only hinders sales.
Maryam Mohammadi, a participant, notes that attendance has been scarce in the past two days since only women are allowed. Some participants are considering closing booths due to the lack of visitors, according to Khaama Press.

The Taliban administration’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced the exhibition in collaboration with the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries. The event aims to support children and mothers in Kabul.
At least 850 entrepreneurial women have booths at the exhibition, displaying products from all provinces. However, economic difficulties and Taliban-imposed restrictions limit women’s participation.
Humaira, a visitor, appreciates such exhibitions but highlights the challenges women face due to restrictions and economic difficulties. She emphasizes the crucial role of women in the country’s economy and urges responsible institutions to create opportunities for women.
The World Bank previously reported a decline in women’s role in trade in Afghanistan, citing changes in systems and restrictions on women’s work and education as reasons for the decrease,” Khaama Press reported. (ANI)