There has been a terrible massacre in Nagagher village of Ranipokhari. Here a person has killed five family members. This ruthless man has killed his three children, wife and mother. Police have arrested the accused.

How cruel the killer must have been can be gauged from the fact that he did not even spare his three innocent children. Killed him too. He also killed the life partner whom he had brought in marriage with a promise to keep him together for seven births. Moreover, the mother who gave birth was also killed by the killer.

There has been a stir in the Nagagher village of Ranipokhari due to the killing of five people simultaneously. There is an atmosphere of mourning in the village. People are not able to understand why this person carried out such a gruesome murder. The police has arrested the murder accused. The house and courtyard are covered in blood. Everyone is going to shiver seeing the scene there.

This man had four children. He killed three children. One girl’s life was saved. This girl had gone to her aunt. It is being told that the name of the person who carried out the murder of five people is Mahesh. Mahesh is a resident of Araria area of ​​Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. Right now this person was living in Shantinagar of Ranipokhari. Ranipokhari SO Shishupal Rana has arrested the accused Mahesh from the spot.

Mahesh Tiwari has killed his family members, his 9-year-old daughter Annapurna, 11-year-old Suvarna, 15-year-old Aparna. Wife Neetu was 38 years old. Mahesh Tiwari’s mother Beetal Devi was 70 years old. At the same time, daughter Aparna (15) used to study in 9th standard. While Suvarna (11) was handicapped and Annapurna (9) studied in the third class.