A shameful case has been reported from the Jagjitpur area of Kankhal in Dehradun. A newlywed woman was treated like an animal by her in-laws for dowry. A number of family members were unhappy about the marriage transaction, including the accused husband’s mother-in-law Savita Narang, father-in-law Ravindra Narang, and brother-in-law Lakshya Narang.

As a consequence, after her marriage, her family members started torturing her continuously. Her husband beat her constantly. Even their inlaws kept the jewelry they got from their mothers. It is alleged that the husband threatened to defame his wife by making obscene videos and photos and making them viral.

The in-laws threatened to thrash and kill if their demands for a dowry and money were not met.

However, Inspector Kankhal Mukesh Singh Chauhan said that on the basis of the victim’s Tahrir, an investigation has been started by registering a case of dowry harassment against the in-laws.