With FIFA World Cup 2022 quarterfinal games lined up and the Round of 16 matches already having produced much footballing drama, things are really looking up for the fans.

The round of 16 saw a few past champions falling by the wayside. Spain was eliminated by an enthusiastic and resolute Moroccan team, which is continuing its strong run in the competition. Portugal and Brazil defeated Switzerland and South Korea, respectively, while the Netherlands, France, and England also won easily.

Argentina won easily over Australia, with Lionel Messi dominating the show again. Croatia overcame the tournament’s giant killers, Japan, in a spectacular penalty shootout in which Croatian goalkeeper Dominik Livakovi was the actual star.

The field is set for the exciting quarterfinal stage, and the lineup for the matches has to be one of the best in World Cup history. The last eight rounds of games will begin on Friday with contests between South America and Europe.

The second match of the evening pits Lionel Messi and Argentina against the unbeaten Netherlands, which has been outstanding throughout the competition.

Argentina needed Messi’s magic once more against Australia in the Round of 16, and their defence soaked up all of the pressure thrown at them by the Socceroos in the closing stages of the game.

The Netherlands were clinical in front of goal against the United States, but manager Louis van Gaal wasn’t quite satisfied with his team’s performance since he felt they lost a lot of ball possession.

Keeping possession of the ball could be one of the deciding aspects in this match as Messi attempts to beat the Dutch and keep his World Cup dream alive. (ANI)