Balding and thinning of hair is a common problem faced by both men and women. The underlying causes can be genetic, nutritional, emotional stress but its consequences lead to stress, social phobia, and depression.

With medical advancement, nutritional supplements, minoxidil, different lotions, mesotherapy, PRP helps to reduce hair loss and boost your confidence.

Lastly, if you are completely bald then a hair transplant can bring back your glory and if you do not want surgery then wigs, patches also give a good confidence.

Following are different treatments available for patients.

Nutritional Supplements- It contains amino acids, vitamins & minerals which are required for hair growth. This is useful in early cases of hair fall.

Mesotherapy- It contains micronutrients and vitamins in injectable form. It is useful in patients with more hair fall.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)- It is natural without any drugs or chemicals. It is useful for thinning of the scalp in males and females.

Hair Transplant- Now many techniques have evolved in recent years. It is useful for bald area and it gives natural results.

FUE- It is the latest technique of hair transplant. It utilizes micro punches to extract hair follicles from your scalp.

LL Laser therapy (LLLP)- It is a light-based USFDA approved low-level laser therapy. It is effective when used along with other treatments like PRP/Mesotherapy. It stimulates the metabolism of telogen hairs and converts them into anagen that is the growing phase of hairs. It is available in the form of capsules, helmets & stations.

But the success of these techniques solely depends on the doctor you select. A doctor who understands hair issues, who is an expert in all these hair treatments. You need a specialist who will analyze and diagnose your problem and provides the best treatment and give the best results. Look for someone who is a pioneer in this field and has given a new look and new life to many people with his work and results.

Dr. Shankar Sawant is one such specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai. He was the first in India to present a high-level adaptation of the FUE hair transplant technique, also known as ‘Powered FUE (PFUE) ‘or’ Bio FUE.’ Also, this method gives quality outcomes with fewer side effects.

Dr. Shankar Sawant’s early medical education (MBBS and MD-Dermatology) is from Mumbai. Additionally, he has an exceptional fellowship in hair transplant & hair regrowth medicines from the famous dermatologist Dr. Jay Jung in South Korea.

Dr. Shankar Sawant is a one-stop answer for all your skin and hair-related issues. For better and customized services, he established the ‘Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic’ in Mumbai. His expertise has made him a standout amongst other hair transplant specialists. Again, with 20 years of experience in Dermatology and Cosmetology, the doctor has effectively performed 6000+ hair transplants across the world.

Furthermore, he has helped many individuals to recapture their regular hair volume and enhance their personalities.
A successful doctor is one that has a huge list of clientele belonging to various age groups and gender. They can vouch for his/her treatment. This will guarantee that you get the best outcomes from hair transplants, no grievances, and at the best hair transplant cost. Hence, if you are experiencing a receding hairline, don’t delay and approach a good hair transplant specialist.
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