Jailed businessman Sukesh Chandrashekhar has filed a complaint to Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) VK Saxena, claiming CCTV footage of his cell (at Mandoli Jail) were being leaked and circulated online, amounting to a security breach.
Chandrasekhar also sought an inquiry into the alleged leak of CCTV footage of his cell.
The businessman further alleged that it was a deliberate security breach by responsible officers for their “personal gain”.
He, however, mentioned in his complaint, “I am thankful that this footage released has proved my previous complaint of harassment by these officials but action has to be taken as the matter will lead to many disclosures of corruption by these officials and former Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain.”
Sukesh alleged that the footage was leaked by the assistant superintendent of police and the deputy superintendent of police. “Both of them have received Rs 5.5 Lakhs in total as jail protection money previously and the same was even sent as a complaint to your office,” Chandrashekhar wrote further in his complaint.
It stated that Deepak Sharma and Jay Singh, as is seen in the CCTV footage, had come to his cell to threaten and mentally harass him, and also asking him to retract his statements given against them to the Economic Offences Wing (EOW).
Stating while searches are common in jail, he alleged that the manner of search showed their “personal vengeance” towards him.

“The search is a regular process in jail, but the way it was conducted as seen in the footage shows their behaviour and personal vengeance towards me. Thereafter the search, next day Deepak Sharma and Jay Singh called me to their office and said, “You exposed Satyender Jain now its our turn, we will release your video and show the world how you are treated by us,” the businessman wrote further in his complaint.

Deepak Sharma had previously threatened to release his ‘torture video’, he claimed further in his letter.

“For last 9 days, I was in ED Custody for enquiry in a case, and during such time to put pressure on me and divert the topic, Deepak Sharma, Jay Singh and Jail Administration released this video as this video is more than 3 months old, why it was leaked during my ED custody, where I disclosed Mr Satyender Jain involvement to ED,” the businessman and alleged conman wrote.

He alleged that there are multiple complaints of corruption by other prisoners against Deepak Sharma.

“Now he along with Jay Singh have done this mischief in the instruction of Satyender Jain to divert attention from ED enquiry going on in my case where I have disclosed about Satyender Jain involvement,” the businessman alleged.

He urged the L-G to refer the matter to a central agency.

“I humbly request to refer this matter to a central agency and also to refer the corruption complaint against Deepak Sharma and Jay Singh to the anti-corruption bureau in the interest of justice and truth,” he said.

“I will fully co-operate and provide substantial evidence on this regards in the investigation, also I humbly request to set up an enquiry in regards to leak of the CCTV footage as it’s a security breach by these officers done for their personal gain,” Sukesh added in his letter. (ANI)