Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that his party will reserve 50 per cent of government jobs for women if it is voted to power.
Asserting that powerful women will change the destiny of the country, the former Congress chief asked why, even today only one in three women is employed and why is there only one woman in 10 government jobs.
“Isn’t the population of women in India 50 per cent? Is the presence of women in higher secondary and higher education not 50 per cent? If so, then why is their share in the system so low. Congress wants, ‘Aadhi Abaadi Poora Haq’, we understand that women’s potential will be fully utilised only when women have equal contribution in the government running the country,” he said in a post in Hindi on X.
Therefore, the Congress has decided that half the recruitment for all new government jobs should be reserved for women, he added.
“We are also in favour of the immediate implementation of women’s reservation in Parliament and in assemblies,” Gandhi said.
He also said that women with a secure income, future, stability and self-respect will truly become the strength of society.
“Having women in 50 per cent of government posts will give strength to every woman in the country and powerful women will change the destiny of India,” the Wayanad MP said. (ANI)