Responding to Congress leader Priyank Kharge’s statement in the Belagavi assembly, Satyaki Savarkar, grandnephew of freedom fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, said that Karnataka Minister Kharge is “spreading lies”.
In his statement, Priyank Kharge suggested the removal of the portrait of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar from the Karnataka State Assembly building.
“I am of the strong opinion that Savarkar’s photo should not be there in the Assembly or the Council. If BJP has a problem with it, it is their problem. It is my opinion that anybody whose ideology incites hatred, creates division should not be there. Savarkar’s portrait should not be there,” Priyank Kharge said.

“I think Kharge ji has not studied Savarkar ji. Kharge is spreading lies that Savarkar was spreading communalism. He was looking with the same perspective at all the people. The public now knows the Congress party’s real stand,” said Satyaki Savarkar.
“Savarkar ji was in favour of democracy and everybody has admitted his contribution in independence including former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. And nobody is going to like this comment of Kharge,” he added.
As controversy has erupted over Kharge’s statement BJP leader CT Ravi on Thursday warned of the removal of the portrait of “dynast” Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, when it comes to power in the state.
“If Veer Savarkar’s photo is removed from the Assembly or Council, we will protest strongly. And mark my words, we will ensure that Nehru’s photos will be removed when we return to power,” Ravi posted on X.
He said that while Nehru was getting “VIP treatment” in jails, the “great Nationalist” Veer Savarkar was subjected to untold torture by the British.” (ANI)