Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Monday took cognisance of the suicide of 24-year-old Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC aspirant) Swapnil Lonkar and said the posts for which the MPSC exams were completed will be filled up on a priority basis by July 31.

Speaking on the first day of the two-day monsoon session, Pawar said the government state will consider providing financial assistance to the deceased family and added the state government will try to create such an atmosphere that no one else will be forced to take such extreme steps in future.

“Due to COVID, several functionaries are affected, the same is with MPSC exams. Still, I’d say that Swapnil (an MPSC aspirant who died by suicide) shouldn’t have taken such an extreme step,” he said.

“We discussed this in cabinet meeting yesterday. We will meet GAD (General Administration Department) today and we’ll take immediate steps. We’ll also look into aspects of helping Swapnil Lonkar’s family. We’ll try to make such an atmosphere that no Swapnil will be forced to take such a step. The vacant posts will be filled by July 31, 2021. The MPSC exam was held in 2019 in which Swapnil Lonkar appeared and cleared in July 2020,” he added.
Earlier today, leader of opposition Devendra Fadnavis had urged the state government to keep aside the entire business of the house and discuss the suicide committed by MPSC aspirant Swapnil.

The 24-year-old Maharashtra government job aspirant allegedly committed suicide at his house in Pune’s Hadapsar area on June 30.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Assembly extended the deadline for the Joint Committee on the Shakti Bill (that is preparing the final draft of the Bill) till the last day of the next Assembly session. (ANI)