As over 600 lawyers write to CJI over ‘vested interest groups’ trying to defame courts, BJP leader and Supreme Court Senior Advocate Gaurav Bhatia said that it is a positive initiative by the legal fraternity.
“It is a matter of concern for every citizen because judiciary is a pillar of democracy and there is a certain lobby that has vested interest. They have political interest in weakening the judiciary, They makes objectionable remarks against the judges of the honourable Supreme Court High Court and the lower judiciary and they try to weaken the judiciary and create pressure on the judges so that the judgement that are delivered are delivered in their favour,” BJP leader Gaurav Bhatia said.
“The judges are doing their job. They are doing their job honestly and in the interest of our democracy. So therefore this letter is welcome for the reason that it shows the legal fraternity does not approve of the conduct of such lawyers who indulge in passing objectionable remark, against sitting judges of the judiciary and this will not be tolerated”.

Bhatia futher said “Advocates related to opposition parties like Congress, AAP and others, the kind of pressure they put on Judiciary and the objectionable comments they make on Judges without any proof, is worrisome. This letter depicts the public emotions. I have witnessed that if the judgement comes in their favour then they do ‘wah wah’ of the Judiciary and in against if the verdict is passed then they do ‘hai hai’ of the Judiciary and the judges become ‘dishonest.’ A leader like Rahul Gandhi says that the Judiciary is run by one or two people is highly unfortunate, therefore, this letter is a positive initiative.”
A group of lawyers have written to CJI D Y Chandrachud alleging that efforts were being made ‘to belittle and manipulate courts for personal and political reasons’ and urged the Supreme Court to act.
The letter addressed to the CJI says that a “special group” is employing pressure tactics to influence judicial outcomes, particularly in cases involving political figures and corruption allegations. They have accused the “interest group” of creating a false narrative about judges and the court.
Lawyers have also accused the group of “bench fixing,” “comparisons of domestic courts to those in lawless regimes,” and “attacks on judges’ honour. (ANI)