Defence Minister Rajnath Singh took part in the launch of PM Vishwakarma scheme which coincided with PM Narendra Modi’s birthday and said that PM Vishwakarma scheme would give identity to craftspersons.
Rajnath Singh said, “Since 2014 we have connected small-level artisans with the banking system. PM Vishwakarma scheme would give identity to these small-level craftsmen. Under this scheme, training would also be provided to these craftsmen. During training, Rs 500 will be provided to these artisans per day. They would also be provided loans to start their own business. This loan would be provided at a meagre amount of 5 per cent without giving any security.
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said the PM has ensured that these traditional craftsmen prosper once again.
Rajnath Singh said, “…Not giving due importance to your crafts by earlier governments led to the end of talent of traditional craftsmen…They did not believe in your talent and hurt your self-respect…This resulted in your financial loss…When PM Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, we decided to do what we could to make these traditional crafts prosperous once again…We decided to revive your craft and PM has ensured that demand for our products should increase at the national as well as the global level…”

Further blaming the previous governments he said that previous governments did not pay attention to small scale industries.
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said, “The reason behind the real progress of India are the architects and the artisans such as blacksmith, carpenter, weaver who through their dedication have fulfilled our requirements and made India self-reliant and played an important role in attracting traders throughout the world. After Independence, a phase came when these architects did not get the recognition they deserved. Previous governments shifted their attention from small scale industries and gave focus to large scale industries.”
He said that the Modi government has focussed on both small and large-level industries and unlike the previous governments, this government would take all of them forward together.
He further said, “PM Modi has ensured that these traditional craftsmen do not lose their relevance and their art gets revived. Through ‘Make in India’ we have tried to ensure that the necessary goods are made in our own country. This would provide job opportunities and we will become self-reliant. As Defence Minister, I can say before 2014 the exports were just 1000 crores which has now become 16,000 crores. In the next one year it would become 25,000 crores. Domestic defence production has become more than 1 lakh crores. Our defence equipment is getting exported worldwide.”
On the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a new scheme ‘PM Vishwakarma’ at the India International Convention and Expo Centre, in Dwarka on Sunday. (ANI)