External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar on Saturday said that, with the prolonged efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the World Health Organization (WHO) laid the foundation stone of Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (GCTM) in Jamnagar, Gujarat to bring ancient wisdom and modern science together.
Jaishankar said, “We are hoping that research centres and hospitals will be working in compliance with this global centre of traditional medicine for the promotion of Ayurveda.”
The primary objective of WHO GCTM is to harness the potential of traditional medicine from across the world through modern science and technology and improve the overall health of the communities the world over.
“Being an EAM, it’s my thinking that there should be an understudying of Ayurveda across the world. So when WHO decided to set up a global centre of traditional medicine. At that time, PM Modi decided that this center should be in India and because of his effort this center is now under construction in Gujarat. And our expectations are that research centres and hospitals will be working in compliance with this global centre of traditional medicine and will promote Ayurveda,” said Dr S Jaishankar at All India Institute of Ayurveda in Delhi.
Jaishankar today visited the Badarpur Eco Park in the national capital on Saturday as part of his Vikas Tirth Yatra.
“Today I came here in connection to ‘Vikas Tirth’ and want to make the people of Delhi aware of changes which have come in their lives in the past nine years. And this, All India Institute of Ayurveda is a prime example of it. These projects kept pending for 20 years but now they are not just successful but so many people are getting treated here.”
Speaking about the Yatra, he said, “The Yatra symbolises the commitment we made to the people about the delivery of infrastructure projects. It is an example of this commitment.”
The Central government has taken infrastructure development as a form of challenge, Jaishankar added. Highlighting the 59-kilometer elevated highway at Badarpur, he said, “It will bring a big relief to the people of Badarpur which has a population of 5 lakh. It will also be beneficial for the rest of Delhi as it leads to Mahipalpur.”
Pointing out the importance of infrastructure projects, Jaishankar stated, “Infrastructure projects show the way the country is progressing. Infrastructure development is essential for employment creation.”
On the Badarpur highway, he said, “People from Badarpur will find it easy to travel. The project will have a social as well as economic impact.” (ANI)