Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given away Indian Indian territory to China, alleged Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday and said that the Prime Minister and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh would have to answer for this.

“The Indian position at the beginning of the situation in Eastern Ladakh was status quo-ante on April 2020. Now sheepishly, the Defence Minister makes a statement and we find that Indian troops are now going to be stationed at Finger 3. Finger 4 is our territory. That is where our post used to be. Why has the Prime Minister given up Indian territory to the Chinese?” he said at a press conference here.

“After our troops worked hard and captured the Kailash ranges, why have they been asked to move back? What has India got in return for this? The more important strategic area – Depsang plains, why have the Chinese not moved back? Why have they not withdrawn from Gogra and Hot Springs? Narendra Modi has given away Indian territory to China and has bowed his head before them,” he alleged.

The Congress leader further called PM Modi a ‘coward’ who cannot stand up to the Chinese.

“The Prime Minister is a coward who cannot stand up to the Chinese. He is spitting on the sacrifice of our army. He is betraying the sacrifice of our army. Nobody in India should be allowed to do it. It is the responsibility of the Prime Minister to protect the territory of this country. How he does it is his problem, not mine,” he said

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had on Thursday informed the Parliament that India would not allow an inch of our territory to be taken by anyone.

“India’s strategy and approach during disengagement talks with China is based on directions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that we will not allow an inch of our territory to be taken by anyone. It is a result of our firm resolve that we have reached the situation of an agreement,” he had said.

The two countries have been engaged in a stand-off along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) since April-May last year. While China began amassing massive military strength along the LAC, India responded with a befitting build-up.