A day after the Parliament security breach incident, the mother and sister of one of the accused Sagar Sharma has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a fair investigation as Sagar is innocent and has been framed in the conspiracy.
Sagar Sharma’s mother, identified as Rani Sharma and sister, Mahi Sharma also claimed that Sagar is a patriot.
Rani Sharma said, “On yesterday’s crime, we would like to say that our child has been framed; my son is not like that he used to drive an e-rickshaw, I have only one son, he is my support, our child is innocent, he has been framed.”
“Someone has framed him, he is our only son, he used to drive rickshaw, he is a patriot and a very good boy,” she added.
On the question of whether she knows the people with whom his son committed the crime, Rani said, “I don’t know about it but I know that he is innocent, he can never do this, all this has been filled in his mind.”
“He told me at home that he was going to Delhi to meet his friends for two days and would come back to work. He used to earn Rs 500 by driving an e-rickshaw.”
While appealing to PM Narendra Modi, Sagar’s sister Mahi Sharma said, “There should be a fair investigation, my brother is innocent and those who manipulated him for the crime should be punished.”
“My brother studied till intermediate amd a patriot and always talked about the progress of the country. Whenever it was 15th August, he used to go out in a rickshaw with the tricolour on it” Sagar’s sister said.
On the other hand, according to Police sources all the accused were associated with the social media page ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Club’. Everyone met in Mysuru about one and a half years ago. Sagar came from Lucknow in July but could not go inside the Parliament House.
On December 10, one by one everyone reached Delhi from their respective states. Everyone met near India Gate where colored crackers were distributed to everyone. Police is continuously interrogating them to find out who is the mastermind behind them, as per initial investigation, main conspirator is someone else.
Sagar Sharma, a resident of Lucknow’s Manaknagar area, is said to be inspired by left-wing ideology and use to share and comment on similar posts using two Facebook accounts.
Both Facebook accounts of Sagar have not been active for several months. His Facebook pages revealed that Sagar was also in contact with many people from Kolkata, Rajasthan and Haryana via Facebook.
Sagar’s family includes his father, mother and younger sister. The family originally hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district and has lived here in Lucknow in rented accommodation for almost 20 years. (ANI)