The University Grants Commission has launched a capacity-building program for the holistic development of 15 lakh higher education teachers and to inculcate ethics as well as human values in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, an official said.
As part of the UGC’s Malaviya Mission-Teacher Training programme, 111 institutions across India have been identified, which will be called Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centres (MMTTC).
“The teachers will be trained in these institutions. Some of the programs are offline while others are online. We aim to complete the training of all 15 lakh teachers in higher education in next two to three years,” said a UGC official
As per the official, the aim is to improve the quality of education at all levels by infusing quality and excellence in teachers and teaching.
The announcement of the mission was made on the occasion of Teachers’ Day last week.
“It will also ensure holistic development of the teachers and learners with the inculcation of ethics and human values as enshrined in Indian culture and develop multidisciplinary and critical thinking ability in them,” the UGC official said.
A two-week online capacity-building program for faculty members has been meticulously designed to align with NEP 2020’s key features, the official said.

The NEP 2020 brought by the NDA government replaces the Congress-era education policy which had been in effect since 1986. It has been in effect from 2020 onwards.
The themes of the Malaviya Mission-Teacher Training programme are: holistic education, Indian knowledge systems, academic leadership, governance, research, skill development, inclusivity, technology integration, learning outcomes identification, and assessment
“It prioritizes the continuous professional development of faculty, offering a forward-looking orientation across various themes.,” UGC Chief M Jagadesh said
In addition to faculty development, the program highlights faculty’s role in institutional development, a crucial aspect of enhancing the quality of higher education.
Officials said that the training content balances an India-centric ethos with a global perspective, equipping faculty with Indian values and modern technologies to address the evolving landscape of higher education.
A dedicated portal for faculty members has been registered for the capacity-building programs.
“The implementation of new approaches to curricular transactions, teaching-learning, pedagogical strategies and assessment methods recommended in the NEP 2020 would be possible through Malaviya Mission and can be most appropriately taken forward through MMTT centers,” a UGC official said. (ANI)