The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) sought the Law Commission of India to examine the issue of Non-Resident of India (NRI) marriages and strengthen its framework in regard to international public law and also private laws.
According to the sources, the MEA has recently sent references in this regard to the Law Commission to examine the lacunae in present concerned laws which lead to problems like abandoning partners especially brides in NRI marriages.
The Law Commission is at the initial stage and is examining a structural framework to deal with the issue, according to sources.

As per the Law Commission, it will also look at international public law and private laws. What is required is to ensure that the prevention of lacunas that are benefiting the violators should be properly addressed. Also how the various procedural requirements of the court can be done.
The Commission would also be looking into the 2019 bill on the registration of marriages of NRI and the Foreign Marriage Act.
According to the MEA, it has received a large number of complaints pertaining to marital issues from Indian women married to overseas Indians. Such cases include abandonment of wife in India, delays in sponsoring of visa by spouse, cases of spouse stopping all communications, harassment of women by husband and in-laws, ex-parte divorce by spouse etc. These cases often also include issues related to child custody.
According to the Ministry and the Missions/Posts provide appropriate counselling, guidance and information to the aggrieved Indian women about legal procedures & mechanisms in such cases. The Indian Missions and Posts also conduct walk-in sessions and open house meetings for the distressed Indians including women to address their grievances. Grievances are also addressed through MADAD and CPGRAM portals.
Further, Missions and Posts also maintain a 24×7 Helpline for emergency situations and assistance is also provided through social media platforms. Financial and legal assistance is provided under the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) to distressed NRI women, wherever applicable, said MEA. (ANI)