Congress MP Manish Tewari on Monday gave an Adjournment Motion Notice in the Lok Sabha to discuss the border situation with China.
The Congress MP demanded a detailed discussion in the matter in the Lower House.
“Since April 2020, China has engaged in what can only be described as a steady land grab. According to reports, a senior IPS Officer has written a research paper stating that India has lost its presence in 26 of the 65 Patrolling Points (PP) in Eastern Ladakh, which were patrolled regularly by the Indian Security Forces, due to ‘restrictive or no patrolling’. The research paper was submitted at the annual All-India Conference of Director Generals/Inspector Generals of Police in Delhi in January 2023.” Tewari said in the letter seeking adjournment.
Seventeen rounds of Commander level talks have taken place between India and China with little success, he added.
He claimed that China continues to build significant infrastructure, including bridges, roads and accommodation for its troops, adding that it was attempting to change the status quo unilaterally.

He further stated that the clashes in the Tawang Sector in Arunachal Pradesh were another indication of “China’s steady aggression aimed at changing the status quo on the border”.
“What is more, such aggression is no longer limited in territorial scope as is evidenced by the clashes that took place in Arunachal Pradesh, around 2000 Kilometers away from the place of previous clashes,” Tewari said.
“There is growing concern that China is unwilling to restore the status quo ante, a situation that puts India at a massive disadvantage,” he stated.
“Despite this, China’s large trade surplus with us has continued to surge since the military confrontations began in 2020. The trade deficit for India stood at USD 101.02 billion, crossing the 2021 figure of USD 69.38 billion,” the Congress MP added.
“I urge the government to take up this matter with utmost seriousness and have a detailed discussion in Parliament with regard to the border situation with China,” he stated.
The second half of the Budget Session is set to begin on March 13 and will go on till April 6. (ANI)