Prices of Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) were on Thursday hiked by oil marketing companies.

The price of domestic LPG cylinder has been increased by Rs 25.50 per cylinder with effect from today and domestic cylinders weighing 14.2 kg will now cost Rs 834.50 in Delhi, sources told ANI.

“The price of 19 kg cylinder has also been increased by Rs 76 and will cost Rs 1,550 in Delhi,” sources added.

After the hike, cooking gas would cost Rs 834.50 per 14.2 kg cylinder in Delhi and Mumbai as compared to the previous price of Rs 809 per cylinder.

The LPG prices have doubled in last 7 years.

An LPG refill which cost Rs 410.50 per cylinder on March 1, 2014 now costs Rs 834.50, which is more than double.
The aforementioned price of Rs 834.50 in Delhi varies in accordance with state taxes elsewhere

The prices have been increased based on the international benchmark rate of LPG and the exchange rate of the US dollar and rupee. The rates of LPG cylinder are revised at the beginning of each month.

However, the oil marketing companies had reduced the price of commercial LPG cylinder by over Rs 100 on June 1.
The last revision in the prices of LPG cylinders came in April when the rate of a cylinder was cut by Rs 10. Previously, LPG cylinder prices were increased in February and March.

At the beginning of 2021, the price of an LPG cylinder in Delhi was Rs 694. The price was first increased to Rs 719 per cylinder in February. Further, on February 15, the price was increased to Rs 769.

Meanwhile, on February 25, the price of the LPG cylinder was reduced to Rs 794. In March, the price of the LPG cylinder shot up to Rs 819.

And finally, after the reduction of Rs 10 in early April, the price of domestic LPG in Delhi had gone up to Rs 809. But with the recent hike, the prices of LPG cylinders have increased by Rs 140.50 in 2021. (ANI)