The Indian Army and the Assam Police have undertaken a trust-building initiative with the family members of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) cadres to bring them into the mainstream and ensure peace.
Assam DGP GP Singh said that under this initiative, families of ULFA cadres were invited to Army, CAPF camps, Police Stations for trust-building and to help them bring their children into the mainstream.
“The initiative of inviting families of ULFA cadres for trust-building activities holds immense potential to promote peace and reconciliation in the region,” the Assam DGP wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The Assam DGP said that the main objectives of the initiative were as follows– “Building Trust and Understanding: The initiative aims to bridge the gap between the security forces and the families of ULFA cadres, creating a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.”
“Encouraging Rehabilitation and Reintegration: By engaging with the families, the initiative seeks to encourage the rehabilitation and reintegration of ULFA cadres into mainstream society; Promoting Peace and Reconciliation: The overall objective is to foster a sense of peace and reconciliation in the region, paving the way for a more harmonious and peaceful future,” GP Singh said.
He also said that this initiative has been taken by the Indian army, Assam Police and Assam government.
Earlier, the Assam DGP said that no civilian or security personnel casualties were witnessed in 2023, and the state is now progressing at a fast pace.
“For the first time after 1991, no civilian casualties or security forces personnel were killed or kidnapped by any terrorist organization in the state in 2023. With the improvement in the security situation, AFSPA has been removed from the entire state except for four districts. We are definitely in a much better position,” GP Singh said. (ANI)